Funeral Guide Price 

Funeral costs are divided into 2 parts; charges made by J. P. Keates and Son for the services we provide and Third party fees which are fees we pay on your behalf.

J. P. Keates and Son services 

Our services begin from the moment you contact us. You will receive a dedicated and professional service from us to help you through a difficult time. From guidance and reassurance to completing all necessary paperwork, liaising with clergy, places of worship and  crematoriums, to creating personal announcements and printed order of service sheets. We also arrange and book the funeral, arrange Chapel of Rest visits and conduct the funeral itself, all with our support and care. In addition to this we can also, if requested, handle donations, provide ribboned locks of hair and facilitate music requirements.

Care of your loved one 

If you choose whether to see your loved one in the Chapel of Rest and if the person is to be dressed in their own clothes or if you prefer, one of our gowns.  We can advise you in terms of coming to visit and spending time in our Chapel of Rest.

Coffin choice 

This a personal decision and we offer a range of coffins from a wood veneer to a solid oak, to a personalised coffin incorporating a favourite image or hobby to a wicker coffin. Please ask your Funeral Director for further information. 


Our Mercedes hearse is serviced and maintained regularly and is a traditional vehicle for funeral services, although alternatives such as a horse drawn hearse can be organised.

Our Chapel of Rest 

The Chapel of Rest operates Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm but we can accommodate out of hours visits. We recommend that you book a day and time with us if you wish to view your loved one. 

Limousines can accommodate 6 persons but some families decide to use their own transport.

Third Party Fees include:

  • Church, cemetery and churchyard fees
  • Crematorium fees
  • Medical certificate/s for cremation purposes
  • Ministers, Civil Celebrant, Humanist fee 
  • Limousine 
  • Press announcements   
  • Printed service sheets    
  • Horse drawn hearse 
  • Alternative coffins
  • Floral tributes
  • Refreshments
  • Oak casket with engraved name plate      
  • Scatter tube  
  • Oak marker cross with engraved name plate
  • Commemorative items

As our funerals are bespoke to the individuals wishes, our funeral prices will vary according to your requests and so we recommend you contact us for an estimate.

Below is a price guide which includes:

Conveying the person into our care, preparation and care of the person, use of our Chapel of Rest, a simple coffin or our York coffin, our Mercedes hearse or hearsette, our professional services and arranging and conducting the funeral service.

Simple, unattended service    £1,265.00 plus Third Party Fees

Traditional service     £1,810.00 plus Third Party Fees

You can contact us by telephoning 01538 752 164 or emailing